Wiki - 1.8 Compile





  1. Download and install the latest NetBeans.
    Note: The basic Java SE version is sufficient.
    Note: Please note there is an issue compiling with Ubuntu.
  2. Download and install JDK 1.5 from Oracle archive downloads.
    Note: Oracle sign-in required.
  3. Launch NetBeans and Register JDK 1.5 with the NetBeans IDE (Tools, Java Platforms, Add Platform).

Download the source


  1. Navigate to the qz-print project page
  2. Change branch
    Warning: Master branch will always be the latest unstable release
  3. Click "Download ZIP"
  4. Extract contents to Documents/NetBeansProjects (create folder as needed)
  5. Note, optionally you may use the git command line (requires a compatible git client installed)
      // or
cd ~
      // then
git clone -b 1.8.0



  1. Launch NetBeans
  2. Open the following projects (Ctrl+click to open several at once)
    * qz-print/jssc_xx * qz-print/pdf_xx * qz-print/qz-print
    Note: If warned about missing platform, please repeat NetBeans step 3
  3. Enable the Output Window: Window, Output
  4. Compile using self-signed certificate: (Default) 1. In Project Explorer, click jssc
    2. Click "Clean and Build" icon
    Note: For each successful build, you should see a success message:
1. In Project Explorer, Click **pdf**, click "Clean and Build" icon
1. In Project Explorer, Click **qz-print**, click "Clean and Build" icon
  1. Compile using trusted-root certificate: (Advanced) 1. Purchase a Code Signing certificate from a Trusted CA. 1. Create a Java Keystore using an available online tutorial. 1. Create a folder on the desktop called Code Signing. 1. Place the keystore in the Code Signing folder. 1. Create a text file called
    Paste the following lines into
    #TRUSTED CERTIFICATE do.depend=false do.jar=true file.reference.javaws.jar=$(user.home}\javaws.jar javac.debug=true javadoc.preview=true jnlp.signing.tsaurl= jnlp.signing.alias=<INSERT YOUR KEY ALIAS HERE> jnlp.signing.keystore=${user.home}/Desktop/Code Signing/<INSERT YOUR TRUSTED KEYSTORE>.ks jnlp.signing.keypass=<INSERT YOUR KEYPASS HERE> jnlp.signing.storepass=<INSERT YOUR STOREPASS HERE>${user.home}\\AppData\\Roaming\\NetBeans\\8.0\\
    1. Update to reflect the alias, keystore, keypass, storepass and tsaurl of the Java Keystore file. 1. Build each project again and look for success message:

Codebase Parameter


  1. Java 7u55 and higher displays a warning if the Caller-Allowable-Codebase is set to *.
  2. Using the File Explorer, edit
  3. Type the names of the allowable domains on the Caller-Allowable-Codebase line:
Caller-Allowable-Codebase: * * ...etc
  1. Save and recompile.

Your built library will be located in the project directory in a new directory called dist. Launch sample.html to test the newly built version.

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