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QZ Industries, LLC

QZ Industries, LLC is a small software development company, owned and operated by Tres Finocchiaro and Lite Finocchiaro and operates out of Canastota, NY

Work Ethics

A small team with a huge impact. QZ's "lean and mean" and "leave no client hanging" philosophies have proven to produce exemplary results. Read the testimonies for examples of why QZ is revered in the industry.


With decades of industry experience, hundreds of website integrations, thousands of hours of device integration, QZ is the worldwide printer and device communications experts.

Tres Finocchiaro

Owner (2013 - present)
Lead Developer

Lite Finocchiaro

Owner (2013 - present)
Account Management
Quality Control


Founded in 2013, QZ was formed to meet the industry's demand for thermal printing via web browser. Previously known as the "jzebra" Java Applet (Google Code, 2008), the QZ's software has grown and adapted to rapidly changing browser and comptuer standards.

QZ specializes in browser-to-hardware communcation with a strong background in Server and Desktop Operating Systems especially as they pertain to printers, industry automation and raw device communication.

November 2008- October 2013