Print labels, barcodes, receipts and more from a webpage using HTML, JavaScript and Java.

QZ Tray 2.0

This version is not backwards compatible with 1.9

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  • Adds HTTP landing pages at https://localhost:8181 and a JSON version at https://locahost:8181/json (#324)


  • Windows "silent" mode no longer shows pop-up for Firefox conflicts (#332)
  • HTML correctly falls back to 1x zoom, a 2.0.6 regression (#312)
  • Handle slow JavaFX startups (e.g. Unable to start JavaFX service) (a30d537, 50023b1)
  • Serial properties are now set on qz.serial.openPort(...) (#310)
  • Serial width parameter was accidentally being ignored (#325)
  • Adds Evolis Card Printer support (#314)
  • LICENSE.TXT corrections for 3rd-party libs (#315)

QZ Tray 1.9

This version's support ended on January 1, 2017

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  • Fixes SSL connections with Chrome 58 and Firefox ESR (8ac9692)