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Using PDF, PNG, HTML, PCL, ESC/POS, EPL, ZPL, SBPL, FGL and more directly from your browser.

Serial, HID, USB, Socket and File IO

Communicate directly with scales and other popular hardware directly from your browser.

Simple API, easy coding

Download and edit sample.html to get started, or checkout our quickstart guide.

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“QZ Tray is invaluable for us. QZ Tray allows us to do silent barcode label printing from our web app with no problems. The software works well, is easy to install, and has been completely reliable. We could not be happier.”

“QZ Tray is a perfect! Handsfree label-print for all outgoing orders. pakaneo loves QZ Tray.”

“qz-tray is amazing [... and] a life-saver for my startup company! Our warehouse will use it to print FedEx labels to a thermal printer.”

“The QZ is absolutely amazing and it's easy to set-up because the wiki is full of information we needed. You can save a lot of your time and nerves. I recommend to all!”

“QZ Tray is a brilliant [...] labels and documentation direct from our website dramatically decreased the time we take processing each order.”

Gareth Dart, Herring Shoes

“I LOVE QZ! and your support is top-notch.”

Bill Matlock, BillBuilt Web Systems

“The process was so smooth! The guide on the wiki was fantastic and all the info I needed was easy to find. Great product, great support!”

Robert Mosolgo,

“Great software that has brought our door ticket solution to life. A special mention goes out to the highly effective support team.”

Clement Jobeili,

“Wonderful application, awesome support for premium users. Assistance was beyond expectation.”

Jan Dayanan,

“The money spent on your software is worth every cent, including the great support.”


worldwide by companies large, medium and small

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we're famous for

Thermal Printing

  • Print barcodes, receipts and more from the web
  • Works with Zebra, SATO, Epson, Citizen, Star, Boca, Dymo and more
  • Supports all popular connection types: COM, Parallel, Serial, USB, IP (and more)
  • Compatible with Windows, MacOS, Linux clients
  • Tested with Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Opera

Quick Setup

  • Seamlessly sends commands in EPL, ZPL, SBPL, FGL, ESC/POS, EPCL, CPCL (and many more)
  • Open source, free community support
  • Commercial supported versions available
  • AJAX ready by using JavaScript to control print jobs
  • Supports direct JPG, PDF, PNG, HTML printing


  • Source code is open source; LGPL
  • Depends on open source projects jetty, jSSC, PDFBOX, jQuery, WebSockets
  • Popular with hobbyists and professionals
  • Tested and deployed in POS and Shipping industries around the world
  • All versions can be used in commercial software.
  • Implemented with languages PHP, Java, JSP, Node.js, C#, Erlang, R, Classic ASP, Ruby, Perl, Python, Go, and many others
  • Implemented with backends VB.NET, Tomcat, Odoo, Salesforce, WebLogic©, ColdFusion© and many others
  • Widely used. Over 1,000,000 downloads