Premium Sponsored

Premium Sponsored


Premium Sponsored is a special program offered by QZ Industries which offers a premium certificate and support through our Premium Sponsored program at no monetary cost.


In order to quality for a Premium Sponsored subscription:

  • An organization's main purpose must be humanitarian, volunteer, public service or philanthropic in nature.
  • Sign up for a new account here.
  • The sponsorship application below must be completed.
  • Each year, when the subscription expires, the organization must manually renew the sponsorship. (We'll send a reminder).

How to apply

  • QZ Industries will accept applications through email at Please answer the all questions in the application.

    Click here to show the sponsorship application

    QZ Tray sponsorship application

    * Email of a registered account

    * Name of the company, institution or organization:

    * Number of initial anticipated users which will run a QZ-branded product:

    * Number of initial anticipated servers which will run a QZ-branded product:

    * Specify the humanitarian, volunteer, public service or philanthropic effort or cause that sponsored entity represents:

  • Upon receipt of the Sponsorship application, a representation from QZ Industries will review and respond. If approved, applicant will gain the ability to select the Premium Sponsored product from the buy page, which includes a one-year trusted certificate and premium product support.

Proudly Sponsoring

  • QZ Industries, LLC sponsors the following organizations:

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