Setting Up A Raw Printer in OSX


This tutorial is for raw printers only. If unsure please see What is Raw Printing?


These steps will allow a USB, Network attached printer to receive raw commands through Java on Apple OS X. Note, Serial and Parallel printers are not longer supported in macOS.


  1. Open a Terminal window: ⌘(Option)+space > Terminal > Enter

  2. Enable CUPS web interface by entering this into the Terminal:

    sudo cupsctl WebInterface=yes
  3. Load Safari to the CUPS web interface http://localhost:631 and click the Administration tab > Add Printer


  4. If you see your USB raw printer in the listing, DO NOT select it.

  5. Click AppSocket/HP JetDirect > Continue


  6. You will be prompted for a port.

    For USB Printers

    • Type: (example) usb://Zebra/LP2844

    • Get this port by issuing the command: lpinfo -v |grep usb

      Note: You do not need the "?location=1a200000" information.


    For Network Printers

    • Type: (example) socket://
    • The IP address may be configured to use a different address, which is outside the scope of this tutorial.
  7. Enter an appropriate Name, Description, and Location for your printer.

    Note: If you encounter issues searching for your printer, please see #131


  8. Leave the "Share This Printer" box unchecked and hit Continue.

  9. Make: Raw > Continue > Add Printer


    Note: Some print drivers, such as Zebra ZDesigner or CUPS Zebra driver have dual-mode drivers capable of accepting Raw commands as well as PostScript commands. If Raw printing works with the vendor supplied driver, choose that over the Generic/Raw driver.

  10. Starting Banner: None

    Ending Banner: None

    Click Set Default Options

  11. You may now print to your printer. Continue to the next section Adding a Printer Class to make the printer appear in System Preferences, Print & Scan

Optional - Adding a Printer Class

Adding a printer class is purely optional and allows the raw device to be listed in the System Preferences, Print & Scan area of the desktop. Without a printer class, the printer will function properly but will not be listed in the Print & Scan area.

  1. From the CUPS web interface, click Administration > Add Class


  2. Enter an appropriate Name, Description, and Location for your class. It must differ from the raw printer name chosen previously.

    Note: If you encounter issues searching for your printer, please see #131

  3. in Members, select the raw printer name chosen previously > Add Class

  4. in System Preferences > Print & Scan, your new printer class will be listed. You may use this to monitor print jobs.


To learn how to print from a webpage continue to:

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