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Fonts may need to be installed on a Zebra printer to print special characters, such as those found in Asian fonts. Fonts are added to the printer along with encoding files using a direct communication method such as the Zebra Setup Utilities.

Using Zebra Setup Utilities to Install Fonts

To install files on a Zebra printer, the Zebra Setup Utilities (ZSU) (Windows only) may be used to send files and communicate directly to the printer.



Install and use the Andale Simplified Chinese font (provided as an example)

  1. Open the Zebra Setup Utilities software.
  2. Select the desired printer from the Installed Printer list.
  3. Select the Open Printer Tools button.
  4. On the Tools window, select the Action tab.
  5. From the list of actions, select Send File. When selected, the Command Description updates and a text box with a browse button (...) displays.
  6. Select the browse button (...) to navigate to the location of the font pack. Select the Encoding file (.ZSE) to send and select the Open button to populate the path in the text box.
    • GB.ZSE for Simplified Chinese
  7. Select the Send button to send the file to the printer.
  8. Repeat Steps 6 and 7 to send the .ZPL font file.
    • Andale_simplified.ZPL for Simplified Chinese
  9. Install the .TTF font file on the PC.
    • ANMDS.TTF for Andale Simplified Chinese (Example)
  10. Verify the files were sent to the printer correctly by opening direct communication with the printer and sending the following ZPL command string to return the entire E: Flash memory contents: ^XA^HWE:*.*^XZ

    Note: The Zebra Setup Utilities may be used for direct communication by selecting the Open Communication With Printer button from the main screen. This opens the Direct Communication window, which is divided into an upper and lower window. Enter the command in the upper window, select the Send to Printer button (or press F5 on the keyboard), and the results of the command are displayed in the lower window.

  11. Once the files are added to the printer, the font needs a letter/numeric font assignment to be used in the ZPL format for printing. To do this, use the Font Assignment command, ^CW.
    • Open direct communication with the printer and send the following ZPL command string: ^XA^CW1,E:ANMDS.TTF ^XZ. Replace the 1 after ^CW with your desired letter/number reference.

      Note: The printer will not permanently store the Font Assignment command (^CW) or Encoding table command (^SE) -- if the printer powers off, these settings are lost. Send both of these commands at the beginning of every label. (Alternately, you can use an Autoexec file, which automatically sends these settings when the printer is powered on: ^XA^DFE:AUTOEXEC.ZPL^CW1,E:ANMDS.TTF^SEE:GB.DAT^XZ)

  12. With the font and encoding file installed on the printer, you're ready for a test print with QZ Tray. Head over to our Raw Encoding page to view Simplified Chinese ZPLII example code. With minor adjustments, this example can be modified to print other fonts you've installed.
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