Wiki - Certificate Renewal



  1. Navigate to

  2. Select ADD TO CART on the appropriate product (QZ Premium Support or QZ White-labeling + Premium Support)


  3. Enter in the desired years you wish to purchase and select PROCEED TO CHECKOUT


  4. Towards to bottom of the page, there will be a section to add in your current product key. After putting in your product key, along with all of the other required information, select CHECKOUT


  5. You will be emailed and assigned a new product key. Any remaining days on your previous certificate will roll into the renewal

  6. Log in here using your newly assigned product key


  7. Select QZ Tray


  8. If you want to continue to use the same private key:

    • Make sure to check "I already have a public/private key pair that I want to use for signing."

    • Then, paste the contents of your public-key.txt in the field.

    If you do not mind using a new private key:

    • Check "I don't have a key pair yet. Please generate one for me."


  9. Fill out the required information, then hit Submit request


  10. After a few seconds a new field will appear at the bottom of the page. Download the public key, private key, and certificate

    • Note: PKCS#12 format is required for .NET, while PEM format is required by most other environments


Replacing Keys

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