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  • Create a custom build with your company's logo and information




Log in to the Company Branded section of the website

  1. Navigate to
  2. Enter in the product key and click Sign In
  3. Once logged in, select Company Branded

Build QZ Tray

  1. Fill in your company's information. These fields will be used to replace all references to "QZ" for use in files, directories, and the GUI.

    Field Example Description
    Application Name QZ Tray Main application name appears Control Panel, desktop shortcuts, etc.
    Application Abbreviation qz-tray Abbreviated version of your application name (qz-tray.exe, qz-tray.jar, etc.)
    Vendor Abbreviation qz Short name used for the local data directory (%APPDATA%\qz)
    Company Name QZ Industries, LLC Full company name for security dialogues, About Dialogues, and SSL Certificate
    Website URL Company website, shows in the About Dialogue
    Support Email email address that appears in the Control Panel, About Dialogue, SSL Certificate
    City Canastota City of business
    State/Province NY State/province of business
    Country US Country of business
  2. Provide your brand's images. You will need to upload 5 images for the build process.

    Image Format Example Description
    Desktop Icon SVG image Used for the desktop shortcut
    System Tray - Mask PNG mask (48px x 48px) Must be black and transparent only. Used for system tray icon on modern desktops
    System Tray - Default PNG default (48px x 48px) Used for the system tray icon on older desktops
    System Tray - Warning PNG warning (48px x 48px) Shows in tray when the software is loading
    System Tray - Danger PNG danger (48px x 48px) Shows in tray when the software is in an error state
    About Dialog Banner PNG about Shows in the About Dialog
  3. Provide your brand's color. This color will be applied to buttons and menu icons.

  4. Request your build.

  • Optional: input your email address if you would like an alert when the build is complete.
  • Click "Run Build" - this process takes around 5 minutes to complete
    • This will create three installers, one for Windows(*.exe), Mac(*.pkg), and Linux(*.run)

    • All builds will be stored in this portal and can be downloaded at any time

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